Saturday, May 15, 2010

•A 58 year old man reports with mild exertional dyspnoea and vague chest pressure on exertion. He is overweight and stopped smoking 2 years ago. A diet has been prescribed for glucose intolerance. He is on anti hypertensive drugs, which is well controlled.
•What do you suspect ?
•What further investigations are needed?
•A 22 yr women is referred to your op by her obstruction with pedal edema.
•Lab reports shows a serum creatinine of, a positive ANA of 1:1280.
•Urine – protein 4+ and 10 to 20 RBC per HPF.
•Review the case and report
•A 25 year old male is brought to you with fever for the past one weak. He is having head ache, body pain, constipation, abdominal distention .
•O/E reddish spots on trunk, his pulse is 58/mt and 4cm splenomegaly.